Haptically Speaking
Haptically Speaking
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Getting a Feel for Eclipses
We are excited to announce our newest project about the total solar Eclipse coming in August of 2017.

This is the book cover for our newest project: 'Getting a Feel for Eclipses' which details the Total Solar Eclipse that will occur on August 21 of 2017.
  • Click here to find an overview of this new project!
  • Haga clic aquĆ­ si Ud. habla español, para ver una introducción en español al proyecto sobre los eclipses solares.
  • Click here to learn more about the College of Charleston's involvement in this project.
Mars Science Laboratory
This project gives an overview of some notable, Martian surface features and details the Curiosity rover that was delivered to the martian surface by the Mars Science Laboratory.

This is the book cover for our tactile guide to the Mars Science Laboratory.
Getting a Feel for Lunar Craters
This project investigates lunar craters and the general cratering process.

This is the book cover for our tactile book about lunar cratering.